Love poems for her from the heart

If you should ever feel alone and scared.
Don’t be afraid I am always there.
Should you miss me in the middle of the night,
I will be right there holding you tight.
When you wake up, before you start your day,
Remember I am with you each step of the way.
When you feel the wind gently blowing through your hair,
That is me reaching out and letting you know I am there.
When you feel the warm sun on your face,
That is me gently caressing your face.
When the heartache seems to much to bare,
Never forget my love, I am still here.
I am in everything you do,
I will always be a part of you.
I have not left you,
just out of sight,
I am with you for the rest of your life.
And someday when you too have passed,
You will find that I never left.
Till then one thing you will find to be true,
I am your angel and I will always love you.

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